This is a Trivia based Mystery cache program which you must play in order to find the coordinates to No trivial pursuit of a Cache. The questions range from easy to difficult, and it is up to you to pick the coordinates you wish to receive for a correct answer. There is no limit to how many questions you can answer correctly, however, you are only allowed 5 incorrect attempts in 15 minutes or you must wait until the time period expires. This includes incorrect answers, attempts to re-submit answers, refreshes, etc. Once you answer a question correctly, you have up to 15 minutes to pick a hint to receive.

I hope you have fun with the trivia questions and finding the cache, I had fun writing this program to facilitate it. The logging requirements for this cache are documented on the cache page, and this program does not attempt to enforce any requirements upon players based on any names or IDs. It is up to each player to follow the rules.

This program creates no cookies, requires no authentication, will not ask for any username or ID, and only does basic server-side tracking of submissions to minimize the chances of players cheating and getting free answers. Minimal Javascript is employed to auto-select the input field and to give the user a count-down timer so they can see how much time remains to answer a question. This Javascript does not otherwise affect gameplay, so you may play this game even with Javascript blocking turned on in your browser. I have tested this program on a variety of browsers: Firefox 3, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Konqueror, Opera Mobile and Skyfire (Windows Mobile platform), as well as several text based browsers such as links and lynx and all look and function correctly. Pocket Internet Explorer renders the hint request and hint delivery odd if set to One Column view, but it is still usable.

If you have any particular issue with this program functionality, rules, or a particular question, please contact me on my profile page linked below. And in case you are wondering, no, nobody really likes the phobia questions. :)

After you are done reading this and the basic rules of the game, you may press Play to begin.
Here are the fairly simple rules/info for this game: